All About Polyester POE Oils | R-410A Lubricants | R-410A Refrigerant Information

For many years, R-22 has been the primary refrigerant used in the industry for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Applications. Mineral oils were used in these refrigeration systems, and worked well. With the change to earth-friendly-only refrigerants in 2010, there was a bit of a race to find out what refrigerant would move to the front of the line for HVAC installations. The refrigerant that made its way to the front of that line was R-410A. Many of the large companies adopted it into their new and upcoming standard product lines.


This new type of refrigerant uses polyester oils instead of mineral oil. Polyester oil (POE) is a type of synthetic lubricant. POE oils are wax free, and the best choice for refrigerants in the chlorine-free HVC class. POE oils provide thermal stability improvements, more miscibility in HFC’s, and are extremely biodegradable. POE oils can be designed to have more lubricant properties similar to mineral oils, which results in oil-return properties similar to mineral oils.

Example of Polyester Oil MSDS: