R410a Heat Pump Heater Chiller Units

For a heat load which fluctuates throughout the year, Whaley offers a product line that allows you to cool a process heat load application or heat a process load. R410a Heat Pump Heater Chiller Units are designed as standard in an “either/or” configuration where you can either cool or heat at any one given time. The units can be easily turned from heating to cooling mode at a simple turning of a control switch on the control panel of the chiller/heater system. R-410A heat pump systems from Whaley offer process application management the flexibility to use the same piece of equipment to potentially serve two different applications at different times, instead of having to purchase two separate systems.

cooling and heating mode

R410a Heat Pump Heater Chiller Units incorporate a typical refrigerant reversing valve, evaporator, condenser, and two metering devices which control the system with precision. When in heating mode, occasionally the system will need to enter into defrost mode. The systems are typically equipped with an auxiliary plug type heater in the internal reservoir to provide auxiliary heat during defrost mode, so that the system is not completely without a heat source.  Heat Pumps are the best of both worlds and can serve heater of chiller applications. If you are looking for and energy efficient or Eco Friendly option this is it. Heat pump saves space and energy. This is a short list of the advantages of Heat Pump Systems.  Here are the wonderful Benefits of R-410a Refrigerant.

R410a Heat Pump Heater Chiller Units use R-410A refrigerants that operate at a higher efficiency than R-22. Power plant greenhouse gas emission is much less due to the use of R-410A, therefore, the overall global warming impact of R-410A is substantially lower compared to R-22.

Advantage of Heat Pump Systems:

  • Heat Pumps can serve heater or chiller applications
  • Heat Pumps are space saving
  • Heat Pumps are energy efficient
  • Heat Pumps are Eco Friendly